Label slitter rewinder

Economic, entry-level, high quality


slitter rewinder

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by eGraf Equipos

JBS-B-330 label slitter rewinder for narrow web is an entry-level, economic, simple equipment without sacrificing the quality of its components. Allows label inspection, slitting and rewinding in an efficient and uniform way.

It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio, fast return on investment and ergonomic design that improves productivity in label inspection.


economic label slitter rewinder


ergonomic label slitter rewinder


quality label slitter rewinder

Economic and high performance equipment

• Fast return on investment

JBS-B-330 slitter rewinder offers an excellent cots-benefit ratio by being a simple, economic, entry-level equipment.

• Counting system and automatic stop

JBS-A-330 label slitter rewinder features an automatic stop system by label count or by roll length.

• Fast stop system

Stops the slitter rewinder in maximum 2 seconds, allowing to replace defective product before it reaches the rewinder.

• Slitting unit

Features a razor blade slitting system, easy and fast to position.

• Rewinder

Coupled directly to an inverter motor without pneumatic nor magnetic clutch, maintenance-free, that produces a uniform rewinding.

• Web path

With a 8 meters web path, or 10 meters (optional) allows stopping the label slitter rewinder before the defective material reaches the splice table to be replaced.

Ergonomic and productivity

• Ergonomic

JBS-B-330 slitter rewinder is configured in a way in which the user can inspect, detect flags, access the control panel, make splices, adjust slitting and change rolls without moving from the same place.

• Splice tables

One at the beginning (optional) and one at the end, allowing to discard defective material in two different points without having to cover the complete web path.

Internationally well-known components

• BST web guider

• Convertech air shaft

• Checkline LED stroboscope (optional)

• Siemens automation and control system

• Lenze speed control drives

• Baldor Reliance Heavy Duty motors

• Quality finishes: anodized, blued, electrostatic painting

* BST is a registered brand from BST Eltromat
* Convertech is a registered brand from Double E Company
* Checkline is a registered brand Electromatic Equipment Co.
* Siemens is a registered brand from Siemenes AG
* Lenze is a registered brand from Lenze GmbH & Co KG
* Baldor Reliance is a registered brand from ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.

Specifications >> JBS-B-330
JBS-B-330 Comparison with
Maximum width 330 mm
13 in
330 mm
13 in
Minimum width* 8 cm
3.15 in
7.6 cm
3 in
Maximum speed* 175 m/min
575 ft/min
275 m/min
900 ft/min
Unwinder maximum diameter 61 cm
24 in
79 cm
31 in
Rewinder maximum diameter 35 cm
14 in
50 cm
20 in
Expandable shaft diameter 7.6 cm
3 in
7.6 cm
3 in
Slitting razor blade system
Slitting rotary shear system x Optional
LED strobe light Optional Optional
Missing labels and flags detection system Optional Optional
100% inspection system x Optional
Controlled stop positioning x
Automatic stop with counter
Infrared sensor for opaque label count
Capacitive sensor for transparent label count Optional Optional
Roll length counting system
Automatic tension control x
Manual tension control
Unwinder braking system Pneumatic Magnetic particles
Second splice table Optional Optional
Second rewinder x Optional
HMI touch screen x
Dimensions 171.5 x 197 x 102 cm
67.5 x 77.5 x 40 in
201 x 197 x 102 cm
79 x 77.5 x 40 in
Web path length 8 m
26 ft
10 m
33 ft
Web path extension Optional
2 m
6.5 ft
* Minimum width and maximum speed might vary dependind on the material used.