Plate mounter

High precision and repeatability


Plate mounter

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by eGraf Equipos

MDG flexo plate mounter for narrow web has a unique design that allows plate mounting with high precision and repeatability.

The video plate mounter has a unique cylinder fastening system "zero backlash" and a unique positioning system "fixed distance" that reduces the moving parts and increases precision and repeatability in plate mounting.


precision plate mounter


repeatability plate mounter

Fast and easy

fast plate mounter


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quality plate mounter

Unique high precision system

• Zero backlash

Unique cylinder fastening system that avoids movement of printing cylinder while mounting the plate. This allows high precision and repeatability in plate mounting.

• Fixed distance

Positioning system that keeps plate always at the same distance from the camera. It is not necessary to adjust lens focus or camera height, increasing precision and repeatability.

• Digital zoom

Allows image zooming in and out without having to manipulate the camera lens. Less moving parts in the video plate mounter turns into higher precision and repeatability.

• High precision rail

Video cameras mounted in a high precision rail.

Fast and easy to use

• Numeric scale

To position video cameras and cylinder holders fast and easy.

• Laser pointers

For a fast pre-positioning of plate in the cylinder (optional), decreasing time for plate mounting.

• HD screen with reference lines

HD Led screen with horizontal and vertical reference lines that help aligning registration marks.

• Sticky back holder

The video plate mounter features as optional a holder to ease sticky back application to the printing cylinder.

• Calibration

Computerized system that allows a fast and easy calibration of the flexo plate mounter.


• Improves printing quality

MDG plate mounter allows obtaining a better printing registration on press, with which is possible to reduce printing overlap lines thickness, obtain higher sharpness in color selection and better definition in inverted and elements printed to registration.

• Use the press full potential

Allows using the press to its full potential, since without an adequate plate mounting, it is impossible to obtain a perfect registration.

• Reduces setbacks

Decreases setbacks in press due to standstills caused by plate misalignment.

• Reduces rejections

Related with printing defects due to misregistration.

• Reduces plate mounting time

• Fast return on investment

MDG video plate mounter is an economic equipment that allows a fast return on investment.

High quality and robust components

• Basler video cameras

• Fujinon industrial lens

• Thomson high precision rail

• Industrial computer

• Linux platform software

• Quality finishes: anodized, blued, electrostatic painting

* Basler is a registered brand from Basler Beteiligungs-Gmbh & Co
* Fujifilm is a registered brand from FUjifilm Holdings Corporation
* Thomson is a registered brand from Altra Industrial Motion

Specifications >> MDG-400 y MDG-500
MDG-400 MDG-500
Minimum cylinder length 165 mm
6.5 in
165 mm
6.5 in
Maximum cylinder length 403 mm
15 7/8 in
505 mm
19 7/8 in
Minimum plate width 102 mm
4 in
102 mm
4 in
Maximum plate width 350 mm
13 3/4 in
450 mm
17 3/4 in
Minimum repeat length 152.4 mm
6 in
152.4 mm
6 in
Minimum gear 48 teeth
1/8 pitch
48 teeth
1/8 pitch
Maximum repeat length 546.1 mm
21.5 in
546.1 mm
21.5 in
Maximum gear 172 teeth
1/8 pitch
172 teeth
1/8 pitch
Black and white camera
Color camera Optional Optional
Numeric scale
Laser pointers Optional Optional
Sticky back holder Optional Optional
Dimensions 73.5 x 172.5 x 51 cm
29 x 68 x 20 in
83.5 x 172.5 x 51 cm
33 x 68 x 20 in
Power supply 120 V / 60 Hz 120 V / 60 Hz
Air pressure 7 kg/cm2
100 psi
7 kg/cm2
100 psi