Web inspection system for registration marks

Improves registration control, decreases waste


web inspection system

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by eGraf Equipos

inRegister is a web video inspection system specialized in rotary presses. Besides showing the registration mark in real time, it features an smart vision system that eases the analysis.

It allows analyzing registration marks, color by color, individually. Automatically, measures the registration displacement and notifies the operator in case an ink is out of registration.


specialized web inspection system


smart web inspection system


friendly web inspection system


economic web inspection system


benefits web inspection system

Specialized equipment

• Registration marks

inRegister is a web inspection system specialized in inspection and analysis of registration marks.

• Rotary presses

Specialized in registration analysis in rotary presses.

• Image freezing

In speeds up to 200 m/min.

• Up to 10 inks

Software for analyzing simultaneously up to 10 printing inks.


• Automatic detection

inRegister web inspection system detects automatically the registration mark, reducing the set up time.

• Color separation

Allows checking each ink individually. Useful in jobs with many inks involved, since with a conventional vision system it is difficult to identify inks out of registration.

• Displacement measurement

Measures the displacement in MD (machine direction) and CD (cross direction) of each ink individually.

• Visual alarms

Notifies the operator when an ink displacement is out of the range specified by the operator.


• Versatile

Manual or automatic inspection mode. In manual mode, captures images as a conventional video web inspection system. In automatic mode, detects registration mark and measures the displacement of each ink individually.

• Intuitive panel

Simple, easy to use and user friendly

• Compact design

Requires few space and is easy to install in any rotary press.


• High performance and quality at low cost

Besides featuring functions specialized in registration marks detection, inspection and analysis, besides being build up with high quality components, its prices is similar or less than conventional systems that offer only video inspection.

• Fast return on investment

The decrease in waste and rejections related with registration issues, as well as its fast set up time with the automatic registration mark recognition, translates into savings and a fast return on investment.

• Improves printing quality

Improves substantially registration control, which allows reducing printing overlap lines thickness, obtaining higher sharpness in color selection and better definition in inverted and elements printed to registration.

Maximum web width 200 cm
79 in
Maximum web speed 200 m/min
650 ft/min
Inks number 10 maximum
Vision area 30 x 22 mm
1.18 x 0.87 in
Precision 0.02 mm
0.001 in
Registration marks automatic detection
MD automatic displacement measurement
CD automatic displacement measurement
Maximum MD displacement for automatic measurement 0.38 mm
0.015 in
Maximum CD displacement for automatic measurement 0.75 mm
0.030 in
Digital zoom
Screen LED Full HD 15"
Press mounting Horizontal o Vertical
Dimensions 7.6 x 11.5 x 25.5 cm
3 x 4.5 x 10 in