Roll lifter

Robust, safe, easy use


roll lifter
roll lifter equipment
roll lifting equipment
roll handler equipment
roll lifter roll lifter equipment roll lifting equipment roll handler equipment

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by eGraf Equipos

RLS roll handler has a robust design that allows lifting, moving and handling rolls in an easy, safe, risk-free way.

It features a modular design, since there are different spindles than can be interchanged fast and easily. This way, the roll lifter suits the clients specific needs.

Robust and functional

robust roll lifter


safety roll lifter


modular roll lifter

Robust and functional

• Mechanical system

Winch driven.

• Robust

RLS roll handler has a simple and robust design that allows a load capacity of up to 160 kg.

• Roll mounting and dismounting

One of the main applications is to mount and dismount rolls in air shafts from presses, slitter rewinders and/or finishing machines.

• Warehouse

Used in warehouse to stack and unstack rolls in a safe way for the operator.


• Double brake system

In rear wheels.

• Automatic roll safety pin

RLS Roll lifter has an automatic roll safety pin that activates automatically.

• Fulfill national regulations

Auxiliary in fulfilling work and health regulations. In Mexico, NOM-006-STPS-2014: 25kg maximum load allowed to be carried by man, 10kg by women.

• Avoid injuries

Minimizes risks related with roll handling and avoid workers injuries.

Specifications >> RLS-100, RLS-100-T y RLS-180
RLS-100 RLS-100-T RLS-180
Maximum load capacity 160 kg 160 kg 160 kg
Maximum roll width 42 cm
16.5 in
42 cm
16.5 in
47 cm
18.5 in
Maximum elevation 100 cm
39 in
100 cm
39 in
180 cm
71 in
Core diameter 8 cm
3 in
8 cm
3 in
8 cm
3 in
Distance between legs 61 cm
24 in
81 cm
32 in
81 cm
32 in
Winch driven
Rear wheel brake
Automatic roll safety pin