Label rewind table

Robust, simple, economic


label rewind table MRB-203
rewind-inspection-table MRB-203
label rewinder table MRB-203
label-rewind-inspection-table MRB-203
label rewind table MRB-203 rewind-inspection-table MRB-203 label rewinder table MRB-203 label-rewind-inspection-table MRB-203

Designed and manufactured in Mexico by eGraf Equipos

MRB-203 label rewind table is robust and functional, despite being an economic equipment. Allows rewinding and inspecting label rolls in a horizontal platform, in a fast, easy and efficient way.

Robust and functional

robust rewind table


economic rewind table


modular rewind table

Robust and functional

• Rotary disk system

Unlike conventional tables in the market, MRB-203 label rewind table features a rotary disk in the unwinder to hold the roll.

• Winding with controlled tensions

The rotary disk in the unwinder allows obtaining a rewinding with controlled tensions, no matter the roll's size or weight.

• Backward motion for label inspection and replacement

Thanks to the rotary disk, it is possible to move backwards manually the material previously rewound, either to inspect in detail certain part of the roll or to replace defective or missing labels.

• Robust

The MRB-203 is a label rewind table well-known for its robustness and functionality. It features a high efficiency premium inverter three-phase motor for heavy use. Robust table made out of steel and rectified aluminum plate to avoid vibrations and to produce a better rewinding.

• Fast return on investment

Excellent cost-benefit ratio. Thanks to its modular design, you can choose the model that better suits your needs without unnecessary expenses.


• Counting system and automatic stop

Automatic stop system by label count* or by roll length*.

• Fast stop system

Pneumatic assisted braking system* for a faster stop.

• Stroboscope light

Stroboscope LED light* that allows inspecting labels at speeds up to 150 mt/min

• Constant speed automatic control

MRB-203 label rewind table has as optional a constant speed automatic control that allows rewinding and inspecting rolls at a constant speed of up to 150 mt/min, unlike conventional equipment that increases speed as the rewinding diameter increases.

* See specifications table

Specifications >> MRB-203
Unwinder maximum diameter 555 mm
22 in
Rewinder maximum diameter 355 mm
14 in
Unwinder disk holder Rotary
Rewinder disk holder Fixed
Maximum roll width 178 mm
8 in
Unwinder core holder 76 mm
3 in
Rewinder core holder
76 mm / 3 in,
38 mm / 1.5 in (Optional)
25 mm / 1 in (Optional)
Maximum speed 440 rpm
Variable control speed
Constant speed automatic control Optional
Unwinder tension control Manual
Low tension rewinder system
Unwinder assisted braking system Optional
Automatic stop by count
Automatic stop by length Optional
Opaque labels' sensor
Clear labels' sensor Optional
Air expandable shafts
Strobe light Optional
Motor Triphasic
1 hp / 60 Hz
Power supply 220 V / 60 Hz
Air supply 0.7 MPa (100 psi)
0.5 CFM
Table dimensions 122 x 60 cm
48 x 24 in
Table height 75 cm
29.5 in
Finishes Anodized, blued, electrostatic painting